Arborist Reports Sydney

AQF Level 5 Arborists Reports & Tree Consults in Sydney & South Coast

Whether you need a comprehensive arborist report or simply want some expert advice about trees in the greater Sydney metropolitan area, get in touch with Arborlogix.

Informal Tree Consults

Many clients contact us when they just need some reliable advice on the health of their trees, pruning specifications and future management of their trees. In those cases, a simple site meeting and verbal consult generally suffices. After a tree inspection, we provide our professional advice about recommended tree removals, pruning works or future management works required.

If you require documentation to submit to councils or for legal reasons, we can provide a simple consult letter detailing the points discussed at the site meeting, together with any photographic evidence required.

This is an inexpensive method for clients to get some expert advice that has a legal standing, without needed to commission a full arborist report.

Arborist Reports

If a full comprehensive arborist report is required to address your needs, then we can provide this after the initial consult.

Our experienced arborists have a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that protect trees in NSW, as well as a good relationship with and reputation within local councils across Sydney. This enables us to provide sound and logical advice to clients on the best way to proceed.

Need some advice on your trees?

A safety inspection or a tree audit? Call Arborlogix Pty Ltd today on 0409 265 728 for a professional arborist consultation and report.