Tree Reports, Audits & Assessment

Tree Reports

Tree Audits & Risk Assessment

As part of our services at Arborlogix, we carry out tree audits and annual arborist risk assessments to clients including schools, commercial sites and larger residential properties across greater Sydney.

These assessments are often requested in order to meet insurance and liability requirements, or simply to pick up early signs of tree decay, stress or structural issues. Early detection allows appropriate tree care, remedial pruning or removal to be scheduled and prevents accidents.

Arborlogix’ Level 5 arborists are certified risk assessors with training in ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ), an industry standard for risk assessment in urban arboriculture. We carry out all tree audit reports and tree risk assessment reports according to the scope and budget of the client and their required frequency for risk mitigation.

Tree Management Plan

For many larger organisations that have a large inventory of trees under their care, it is important to have a management plan to address the arborist risk assessments, mitigation works and ongoing maintenance works required to look after the organisation’s trees.

Arborlogix provides many organisations with a Tree Management Plan as part of the original tree audit and risk assessment arborist report.

A tree management plan prepared by our certified arborists generally includes:

  • details of the recommended inspection intervals;
  • prioritisation of risk mitigation works to better manage the available funds;
  • schedules and specifications for certain annual maintenance pruning works;
  • advice on species selection and planning for new plantings of trees that may be needed to replace older specimens as they reach the end of their useful lifecycle.

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