Tree Root Mapping Reports

Arboricultural impact reports often need to include tree root mapping to determine the location of structural roots of certain trees that have to be retained.

Tree root mapping enables buildings to be constructed across tree root zones (TPZ – Tree Protection Zones and sometime even SRZ – Structural Root Zones) using piering techniques.

Alternatively, tree root maps may identify that a building can be constructed closer to the tree than calculated according to AS-4970-2009 regulations (Protection of Trees on Development Sites) without pruning too many roots.

Excavation techniques such as air spades or hydrovacs are used to carefully remove the soil in certain areas of the root zone while leaving the roots undamaged.

Although tree root mapping is very time consuming and can be expensive, it provides the architect and the developer with very clear specifications as to how close the development can get to the tree. This can save a lot of money in the long term and allows the property owner to maximise the available space they have for the development.

Arborlogix’ arborists provide reliable tree root mapping assessments and can prepare detailed reports to land owners and developers across the greater Sydney metropolitan area.

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