Tree Species Selection and Planting

The importance of correct tree species selection in an urban environment cannot be understated. Selecting the most suitable species is essential to ensuring trees can provide the benefits we desire within the urban forest, while reducing any negative impacts they may have on our environment.

Positive benefits – such as shading, amenity, environmental and ecological values – need to outweigh the negative impacts – including infrastructure damage, lack of sunlight, associated allergies and pests, and potential safety concerns from structural failures.

To reduce the likelihood of future problems and conflicts, our arborists can provide expert advice on species selection and planting to ensure that the correct trees are planted in the correct positions. We will assess the site available for new plantings, the local environmental needs and concerns, the use of the area and any limitations due to adjacent infrastructure.

Arborlogix can work together with you to help you select the correct tree species that ensures you achieve the benefits you desire from your trees while complying with any local laws and council regulations.

Need some advice on your trees?

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